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The First Online Work Culture and Corporate Life  Magazine in the Middle East!

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About Evolve

We are delighted to electronically introduce you to Evolve Magazine, Evolve Magazine is the first online work culture & corporate life Magazine in egypt & the MiddleEast, Evolve, a quarterly magazine that gets personally distributed to 5,000+ CEO’s, directors, managers and HR professionals in Egypt.


We believe that now is the perfect time for Egypt to have a sophisticated publication geared around growth and excellence. In every issue we cover inspirational leaders, future-thinkers, and opinion leaders in the field.  Our content serves as a reference point for people who are keen on developing and cultivating growth in their personal and professional lives. 


We look forward to receiving your feedback and hearing what topics you would like to see in future editions.  

From the Editor

Let me introduce myself: I am Evolve’s Editor and my name is Julie-ann Odell.

I came to Egypt originally in 1977 and have spent from then until now in the Middle East, mostly between Egypt and the UAE. I fell in love with Cairo when I first stepped off the plane, and had a true sense of coming home.

I have two Egyptian children and two grandsons and my life purpose is to help people gain awareness so that they can live enriched, fulfilling lives and reach their full potential. I spend a lot of time coaching individuals and teams and writing empowering articles, as well as facilitating leadership and team building retreats. I have always had a love of writing and I am a book/magazine enthusiast, who from my earliest school days has been obsessed with flipping though the pages of magazines or reading novels far into the night.

I have worked as an Editor on many occasions and my son Tamer, knowing all of this, surprised me in the summer of 2017 by saying he had developed the concept of a magazine called Evolve that would help empower individuals, teams and organizations. That’s how Evolve came into being and we are delighted that our magazine, being the first of its kind in Egypt, has been received with such delight. We launched our first issue in January 2018.

Evolve is now online, to cater for those who prefer digital. Personally I love to hold a book or magazine whilst I read; but as we are in the business of empowering people to evolve, we want to cater to as wide an audience as possible. At the end of the day, I really believe that no matter whether a magazine is delivered to your doorstep or to your computer, printed on glossy stock, appearing on your iPad or your cell-phone screen, or picked up from a magazine rack, it is still and foremost the work of an editorial team for a discerning audience, a beautiful and meaningful package of ideas, words and images that a group of experts prepares for its readers.

Along with many other articles around personal growth and professional development, we feature an inspirational leader in every issue. We started with Mohamed Ali, as he is such a well-known sports figure and in his time, against all odds, became so famous because of his skill, passion, resilience and determination to succeed. Plus he is a personal favorite of Tamer, Evolve’s founder, so it was fitting that he was featured first.

We believe that Magazines are about trust and partnership: so we will strive to keep you engaged and would love to hear from you, our readers, how we can best do that in our constantly changing new world.



Editor in Chief

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