Ways to Innovate at Work

Turn the words "I can't" to "I can"

You are only as innovative as you allow yourself to be.

Be bold with coming up with creative ways to get rid of challenges at work

Turbocharge your "psychological creativity muscle" and catapult yourself into problem solving mode

Don't wait to be confronted with problems before coming up with solutions . Look for what is not working well and come up with an innovative solution to improve it.

"Invention is 1% inspiration, 99% prespiration!" - Thomas A. Edison

Collaborate and access available assetsRealize that no man is an island. You can never innovate alone in an orgnization. You need support, buy-in and a change behaviour for any innovation to succeed.

Collaborate and widen your network.

Be persistent

Believe in yourself and your ideas. Once you have any innovative idea nailed down , be laser sharp focused to do what it takes to achieve an end result that you envisioned.

Identify potential bottleneck

"Why should they buy into your innovative solution?"

Before you sell your innovative idea, give end users a very good reason why they need the innovation you are pushing!

Outside the box is where you want to be in order to be innovative

To innovate and impress at work, be sure to think outside the box, but aim to present your idea inside the box.

Take risks and be ready to fail or make mistakes

Certain amount of risk-taking or failure is inevitable with any innovation. Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes. Never be put off creativity by penalizing yourself for an idea that doesn't work out.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work" - Thomas A. Edison

Let your mind wander often and set your brain free

Your day-to-day enviroment and routine can affect how you think and feel. The more stress-free and calm you are, the more receptive you will be to tap into your creative sphere. Find a relaxing and inspiring spots that will help to trigger your creativity.

Scribble things down often

Keep a journal and always scribble down your ideas and thoughts. Practice writing every though, idea, tip, and inspiration down. Practice, lone brainstorming and think on paper.

Be curious, have the "need to know" attitude and challenge accordingly

You cannot innovate and impress at work if you are not curious. All great innovations are curious and they like to solve problems. Try and go against the grains in how you see things

Innovate office meetings

Make meetings faster and more effective by trying them out standing up! The entire meeting changes, when you stand-up. It takes much less time to complete the meeting and you can take real action at the same time. Also, attendees are not so distracted by phones or computers and this keeps the meeting more focused. And since everyone will be spending less time in meetings, there will be more time to do work.

Stop Whining and Start Doing

Do you have a problem that you want to solve or a new idea that you think is worth implementing? We have the solution! , Don’t just talk about it. Start working on it. Write a report, draw a business model, make a presentation or build a prototype and show it off. People will take you more seriously and start giving you their support.

Make Brainstorming Gatherings

Gather a group of coworkers - especially the ones you trust and feel comfortable with - and brainstorm the issues that you feel need to be solved or improved. Encourage each other to try out new things and contribute to each other’s ideas. In this way, you can get inspired from each other and innovate.

Start Small

You don’t need to make a big innovation from the beginning. Start with small projects that you think can add up eventually and make a difference. Small projects finish more quickly and therefore, you can get success and the appreciation of your coworkers faster.

For example: you can start innovating your meetings first. As you achieve these small-scale projects, maybe you can start getting into bigger ones. Once people see that you are delivering, they will trust in you more and let you work on bigger scale projects.

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