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Things Remarkably Happy People Do Often

By: Maysa Mohamed

Practice Positive Feelings Toward Others

While it can be easier to criticize before accepting, it’s often much less useful to do so than people expect. Approaching uncharted territory with open minds can be an easy way to bring more positive feeling into your daily relationships and, subsequently, your own psyche.

Know That Things Will Remain in a State of Uncertainty

No matter which point in our life we’re at, we always live with a large amount of uncertainty–a particular lack of feeling grounded that is a natural part of our adult lives. We learn that nothing is truly certain, and that anything can change at any time. Making peace with the uncertainty is the only way to live in it and to thrive in doing so.

Make Experiences, Not Money

While money is important for living comfortably, it’s not what you’ll carry with you at the end of the day. Invest in creating stories with another person–and having still more people to share them with. It’ll be worth more at the end.

Give Yourself Time

We all need different amounts of time for rest and recuperation after taking on a difficult task or dealing with a difficult circumstance in our life. Some of us need an hour or two; some of us need days or even weeks. Know how long you need to heal, and don’t be afraid to ask for that time as a break from what you need to do every day.

Regard Your Obstacles Differently

See your past mistakes or struggles as opportunities to learn–not ways you failed in the past. Changing this perspective will help you avoid regret or self-doubt.

Be Generous

Generosity has been proven to benefit both those who give and those who receive–but especially the mental psyche of those who give. If you can afford to, always choose generosity, even those who can’t repay you.

Be Grateful

While it’s not necessary to give thanks every second of every day, it’s refreshing to remember where we come from so that we know just how lucky we are.

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