The Impact of Technology on HR

Without a doubt, we are living through the dawn of a new era: the technological revolution. All aspects of our lives have been transformed by the devices we travel with, sleep beside, and use as extensions of our minds. In addition to changing our personal lives, corporate learning environments have also undergone massive changes during this new era, due to the explosion of information technology, globalization of the workforce, and shrinking travel and training budgets.

If you think about the dawn of mankind, it tells a very similar story. Cavemen were able to survive from one generation to the next, due to learnings and knowledge passed down from elders and family via the oral tradition. They also embraced new tools and technologies that aided them in completing more complex tasks, like creating the wheel and the axe. We live in an age of information where all our oral traditions and learnings have been saved in the internet via online databases and networks that are instantly accessible. Similarly, we have a stunning array of new tools and technologies at our service that are designed to help us with anything we set our minds to. So, how does this impact the function of HR and what needs to happen for it to evolve with the current times?


The HR of the past was drowning in paperwork, and tedious form-filling, however technology has changed much of that monotony via new HR portals and platforms that digitize much of the information HR needs to process. Today’s technology gives HR professionals access to the power of Big Data — impacting the way businesses understand their customers, market to new audiences, and communicate with existing and prospective employees. And the predictive analysis of Big Data systems allow for better risk-management decisions to be made. For example, HR can now identify employees who could benefit from additional training, or even highlight teams that may be struggling.


Prior to this age of information, recruitment was much harder than it is today. Nowadays, the process of recruitment has become much easier and more efficient thanks to the ability to post job vacancies online, as well as to screen check potential candidates. Social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Wuzzuf provide the connection between those looking to hire and those looking to be hired. Lots of HR teams even use Snapchat for screening and recruiting new hires, as the presence of millennials grows in the workplace.


Training is known to be costly for almost every company; however, it is still an essential practice that should be performed in order to improve the capabilities of the employees. New sharing websites like YouTube allow companies to upload training videos, and HR professionals now have the opportunity to train many employees in a relatively short time via online videos or portals.


Storage rooms used to be essential for the keeping of files and documents, and would often store huge amounts of paperwork; which would require HR professionals to have to rummage through a ceaseless quantity of files in order to find the one they needed. Thankfully, with the invention of the cloud, all files and important documents are within the reach of the HR team, and can actually be made accessible to any employee of a company. Imagine if you didn’t need to email HR every time you had a question about your benefits or paycheck; instead, you’d log on to a portal where all that information was at your fingertips.


Technology and the internet are not going to go away, on the contrary, they will become more present in all avenues of our lives. So embrace the new tools and find the best way to use it to our benefit. Technology enhances communication, performance, and functionality, and therefore is a most magnificent tool for the future of Human Resources. The future of human resources is being connected to technological development and the field will continue to grow as HR professionals continually find new ways to embrace and model all the technological developments.

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