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By: Haya El Sayed

With a click on a button, you get there!

Social media platforms have been evident to attract various users. Ranging from young teens to businessmen, these platforms have provided each category with the needs they seek. Yet, when it comes to ‘social media marketing’, social media no longer serves the one purpose of “just a look through the phone” but rather provides entrepreneurs with a means to reach out and engage their target business audience.

The many chances of visibility that social media provides creates a swoon of easy-access to many new businesses and provides a maximized virtual outreach that you might not have known existed before it came along. Young entrepreneurs usually resort to leveraging social media platforms; not only because it seems easy to use and simple, but rather because their ‘target audience’ are simply on social media for their own personal preference. So why not simply provide them with your product through sliding into their homepages?

Business integration within social media demonstrates a solid potential for aggregating sales through a bigger market outreach; however, many fail to achieve positive results because they lack the knowledge of how important social media is. The following is a list of five main

1. Provides you with access to get into people’s personal space

Apart from the business marketing need for social media, many people are active on social platforms for their own personal use, looking through fashion pages, checking latest updates in technology, messaging a friend and so on and so forth. According to DreamGrow website, the three main online platforms — Facebook, Youtube and Instagram — have exceeded three billion monthly active users altogether, amounting to around half this world’s population! It’s clear that social media allows you to reach out to an audience you have not expected to reach through your on-ground marketing plan, locally, regionally, and even internationally.

2. Offers you an inexpensive platform to upsurge “brand awareness”

All you need to get started is an internet connection and a computer! Social media accounts are usually open for anyone to participate in and take part of; therefore, providing you with a marketing tool that does not breed on monetary input. This clearly offers you with an opportunity to grow with just a small budget in hand.

3. Opens door for low-cost advertising means

If we compare social media’s advertising price range to advertising on traditional media, we come to notice that not only are social media ads steadfast but also of a lower cost. Social media outlets provide you first with free ads before being entitled to paid ads, giving you the say in the timespan you need to grow and your decision in going the extra mile in full-time social media marketing. Nevertheless, offline advertising fails to reach specific audience and therefore take the “blind shotgun” tactic where they’re not even sure of their outreach. Online platforms, on the contrary, provide you with filtering options that directs your advertisements towards your selected target outreach.

4. Improves your presence on search engines

A clear correlation between social media and search engines exists. This link is endorsed, evident and of positive relationship when it comes to brand awareness. If your business has a good presence on social media platforms, chances are high that the accounts’ presence on search engines, like Google, will dominate the page; meaning that, social media profiles will be ranked in the top ten results of brand names’ search. This accordingly, provides your business with great potential to connect to your clients.

5. Gives you easy communication with your customers

Social media integration within your business provides you with chances to communicate with your clients. Be it for problematic misunderstandings, appreciative comments, or for other existing reasons, going social gives access to engage in such conversations. Feedback given through these platforms gives you a heads-up to what your market is all about at that moment; hence, having the chance to either step-back or move forward.

6. Increases traffic to your website

Websites are the main identity to what your business is all about. You need to, accordingly, get traffic in there in order to create a solid image. Social media accounts create a great opportunity to increase traffic flow to your website. Create teasers, upload videos and images, engage your audience and link them to your website through these posts. Your bio, as well, on these platforms is the first tab your audience will check when visiting your page; therefore, make sure to have it well articulated and for sure provide the link to your website.

Online inclusion of your business is deemed necessary in today’s fast-paced era. Social media marketing, nevertheless, provides customized strategies that you can apply to rest assured that your marketing plan is targeted towards your entitled audience. The shift to online integration does not defy the power of the on-ground presence of the business. Both strategies should go hand-in-hand in alignment with each other to provide your business with the spark it needs to shine and flourish.

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