Smart Gadgets to Make your Work-life easier

In a fast-paced life there are so many things to keep track of, from important meetings to rescheduling and a lot more. Everyone wants to be on top of the game and to keep up with everything happening around. Technology nowadays plays a vital role in our lives, not only for those with important titles in corporates, but literally everyone. It is not just the tech savvy individuals who want the latest the market has to offer. The trend is now for a lot more than tablets, desktops, and smart phones, so we have rounded up some smart gadgets that will make your work-life a lot easier:


Sometimes we may lose our valuable items, but now it is okay because you can easily figure out the hidden spot of the items

with the TrackR Pixel. It is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that helps you

find belongings like your wallet or your lost keys. This device is

the modification from TrackR’s Bravo. However, the Pixel has a replaceable battery unlike its rival. On the other hand, the TrackR Pixel has a more efficient battery that lasts for prolonged periods. It has a louder ring and longer range than the larger TrackR Bravo. The device also has LED that illuminates in dark areas, making it easier for you to clearly see and find your items.


These modern watches are considered to be amongst the most useful and practical gadgets for executives. They keep you connected to whatever is happening around even during your busiest meetings. The collaboration of Apple and Hermes has brought smart watches to a whole new level. Unlike many smart watches, Apple Watch Hermes exudes elegance and luxury with its sleek design and the rich leather strap. You’ll love how this refined piece looks around your wrist.


The AirPods released by Apple have been lately seen around a lot. They are provided with a Bluetooth chip that allows the pods to automatically pair with the nearby Apple devices, but they have to be running iOS 10 or a later model, MacOS Sierra, and WatchOS 3. Once the pod is close to an Apple device, it will automatically detect it and ask for pairing without having to go through a setup process. Good news; the AirPods also work with other devices, non-Apple ones, however, there are special features that can only be accessible through Apple devices. The earpieces are also supported with dual optical sensors that detect when the AirPods are removed from your ears; consequently, they will pause your music or whatever you’re listening too and resume again once you put them back. The quality of the sound is high as well, for the two AirPods do isolate the noise, making the sound quite clear for the user.


With our constant need to use the internet, we definitely need a powerful router. Google has released a WiFi system that makes the internet faster and extends to every corner around your place. The device is powered by a free Google account. The WiFi system doesn’t need an interface based on web; it can only be set up and controlled via the new Google WiFi mobile application and you’re ready to go. The system stays connected to your Google account at all times; however, it doesn’t collect your activity data or save the websites you visit. By default, it appears to collect only hardware, app, and network-related information.

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