Smart Apps for a more productive you

Google Keep

(Web, Chrome, Android, iOS)Jot ideas down on virtual sticky notes

Are you reminding yourself of important/urgent tasks with sticky notes that keep falling off the wall/desktop monitor? Google comes to our rescue again with Google Keep, their virtual sticky note app! Now you can digitize those endless pieces of paper and have them all in one place accessible from all your devices. You can also add its extension to Chrome so that whenever you come across a website you want to remember—or have an idea you don’t want to forget—you can add it to Google Keep. Just recently, a Google Keep sidebar was added to Google Docs to let you drag notes into your documents to pull research and ideas together into a finished piece.


(Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)The ultimate team communication app

Slack makes it easier to connect and communicate whether you’re a team of 3 or 3,000! You can communicate in groups of users or channels, which you can name by team or by topic. The channels can be company-wide or include just a select group of people. You can also send a direct message to any team member - and share photos, videos, documents and more - cutting down on email and speeding up the communication process. There is also app integration with numerous other resources you may be using at the office, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Twitter.


(Web, Android, iOS)Mind map your ideas

You keep getting ideas but you can’t quite figure out how to put them all together. Sounds familiar? Mind maps make that easier, and MindMeister makes it digitally easier! Double-click anywhere on its canvas to add a new idea. List everything in your mind. Get your team to help, adding as many solutions to a problem as they can.Then group similar ideas together, link related concepts to each other, and before long you’ll have a detailed map that traces everything back to a central thesis. Mind maps are a great way to sketch your ideas and figure things out on paper, and with MindMeister, you can take those ideas anywhere, collaborate on them with your team, and turn your finished ideas into action plans with its companion MeisterTask project tool.


(Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)Keep your writing in check all the time

Wish every app had a smart spellcheck that would find incorrect words, broken tenses, and better synonyms for you? Grammarly is the tool you need. It can work inside Microsoft Word, any web app with its browser add-ons, and in mobile apps with its custom keyboard. Or you can paste anything you write into its apps to proofread and check grammar and spelling before publishing. Like any other spelling and grammar check tool, it’s not perfect. It may give incorrect suggestions for industry-specific terms or bug you to replace repetitive words. But it’ll also help you tighten up your writing and make sure everything from quick emails to detailed reports is polished and error-free.


(Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)Easily manage multiple social media accounts

Do you run multiple social media accounts? Post to one or more platform multiple times per day? Search the web for images and fun articles to inspire your work and engage your followers? Crowdfire can help you with all of these tasks.Crowdfire helps you schedule your social media posts — which may include multiple pictures and videos — in advance. The app then gives you the analytics behind your posts so you are able to track engagement and see what’s working and what needs to be modified. With a planning app like Crowdfire, you can sit down and work on your company's social media accounts for a specific amount of time, then have your work automatically posted whenever you choose.


(Windows, iOS, Android)Focus on listening and let the app take the notes

Otter is a note-taking app that combines audio, speaker identification, and transcription. The app is a useful tool for journalists and students alike. If you ever need a “chill” day where you can sit back and listen rather than furiously take notes, you should try this app. The app is designed to transcribe long-form conversation, so don’t worry if you find yourself in a long lecture. Otter will identify each of the people based on their voices if you’re listening to multiple speakers or are interviewing multiple people. If you’re a visual person, then the app will also work well for you — it highlights the words it transcribes in real time.

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