Product Review: The Snuggs Onesie

By: Ali Zaki

Being productive in the winter feels like it requires strenuous effort when you don’t want to leave the warmth and comfort of your bed, and that’s where Snuggs comes in. Their first product was simply a blanket with arm holes, but it quickly became popular as it allowed people to get things done without sacrificing their comfort. This innovative idea evolved to become the onesie, a literal plush blanket that encapsulates your whole body with pure warmth. This product truly separates itself from others in many ways.

1. Quality

The quality upon arrival is outstanding. First time users will be pleasantly surprised when they first get a feel of the material. It is the softest and fluffiest premium quality Flannel Fleece that, without a doubt, keeps its user at maximum levels of comfort and warmth.

2. Functionality

They thought of it all, the plush onesie comes in one size that fits all. If you have an exceptionally large build, the onesie would be snug around your body and hug you all over with its softness. If you have a smaller build, you would be drowning in indulgent and fluffy goodness. The elastic bands around the wrists and ankles make sure that no matter how tall or short you are, the onesie still fits you perfectly.

The best functional decision made on the onesie is the back zipper. You do not need to worry about having to go through the trouble of taking off the onesie and being exposed to the winter’s cold when you need a bathroom break. This simple feature allows you to unzip the back conveniently without hindering your leisure.

3. Aesthetic

Staying warm does not have to mean looking like you just came out of a blanket avalanche. The onesie has a mostly oversized vibe that just looks snuggly. And the vast array of colors starts from basic solid colors to different prints and patterns. You can go for a simple look, go crazy, or buy one of each!

4. Delivery and Customer Service

Snuggs’ delivery is pleasantly quick and efficient; your perfect onesie arrives within 2-4 working days. And customer service is exceptional. Their philosophy is that your satisfaction is their number one concern. They love to hear how pleased you are with your purchase, and if for any reason you are not content with the product, the Snuggs team is very responsive and more than eager to help.

Using the Snuggs onesie this winter has been a very cozy experience. It is remarkable how much quality and design aspects are put into consideration with this simple product. It truly stands out in the market, and its success is a direct result of the implementation of a clear and focused mission. Snuggs thought of the consumer and they delivered.

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