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Living Life Powerfully with Purpose

By: Martina Luca

There are many challenges that we face in life. We go to bed every night and awake in the morning with so many unanswered questions. When this occurs, we end up questioning life’s worth. That neutral thought is a sign of dejection and despondency that can have a negative impact on your life. You can overcome it by stopping the raging war within you leading to peace of mind and living life powerfully with purpose. Living life with purpose is very important for your wellbeing. It brings happiness and gives you the skills to tackle life even through difficult times.

Having a purpose involves:

• Satisfaction that life has a direction.

• Feeling that you are moving towards something


• There is value in what you are doing.

• There is reason to continue.

• Knowing your self-worth.

In addition, having “purpose” means setting goals. The best goals are those that are valuable to you.

We all need to have goals and should work towards achieving them. We should be goal-directed. Being goal-directed is a power that can create a clear mental picture of what exactly you want to achieve in life. Jotting down your goals is crucial, as it is a constant reminder of what it is you want to achieve. It allows your mind to visualize your goals and work towards them.

The word SMART breaks down the path of success in your goal setting.


Be as specific and clear as you can. This sets the foundation and gives you a better idea of what it is you want.


Measure your goals. Take baby steps. That way you can adjust the steps in order to achieve the end result.


Assess your goals. Are they realistic, based on your availability, your experience, and your affordability?


Ensure your goals are useful to you. Will achieving them make a positive difference to you?


Every goal requires a deadline. Make sure to set a specific date that you aim to achieve it. However, deadlines can be changed accordingly.

Take Action

Procrastination; we are all guilty of delaying or postponing something. At the best of times, procrastination has a negative affect and could be the underlying reason from withholding one’s success. Overcoming procrastination works in baby-steps, start with low-priority tasks and work your way to the bigger ones. There is never a perfect moment so taking action now is your best game plan as you never know what tomorrow will bring.

No matter what your occupation is or isn’t, determination and persistence are the key to your success. Successes are what you make it and want it to be

Determination is the process that enables us to persist on doing something that needs to be done, despite any challenging moments that may arise along the way. Determination gives you strength and a clear vision of why you started your journey. Be persistent with your actions no matter how many hurdles you face. Persistency is the key to your success.

Neutralize Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are the ineffective ways that discourage you from achieving something and live a purposeful life. They are caused by a lack of confidence. When you lack confidence, you are always second-guessing yourself and your actions. Don’t be so hard on yourself and stop comparing your journey to others. Remember that everyone runs at a different pace.

Time Management

Managing your time allows you to live a purposeful life. It is the key process that allows you to achieve your goals in a timely manner. It also helps you to organize your to-do list. So, you suppose to spend your time wisely. If you teach yourself to manage time, you will be able to meet the deadlines and produce quality work.

Associate With The Right People

Surround yourself with good people; surround yourself with positivity and people who will challenge you to make you a better person.

Living life powerfully with purpose also means to associate with the right people. People we associate with affect our trail of thoughts. Positive, supportive people are those who like to see you succeed and assist with your personal journey. Friends and family are our most powerful influences in life, ensure you include them on your journey and retract from any negativity that may influence your decisions.

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