Interview with Khaled Akl

CEO - Regina Company for Pasta and Food Industries

We are running a series of interviews with successful Egyptian CEO’s to learn how they navigated the path of their success and to learn from their valuable wisdom. We are delighted to kick off with Khaled Akl:

How do you see your company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

I see my company expanding in other food categories, launching in new markets, and increasing its production capacity by at least 50%.

What are your current goals?

  • Business: I’d love to see the company playing a more regional role; thus becoming a supplier of choice, a customer of choice and definitely the employer of choice.

  • Family: For all my beloved ones, I wish for more health and tranquility and that all their dreams become a reality.

  • Egypt: I hope all the latest economic reforms start delivering on the objectives and that the GDP growth exceeds 7% year on year.

What would you really like to achieve if anything was possible?

I’d love to see a local Egyptian company becoming global – and here I don’t mean to have global operation, I mean creating a global Egyptian brand especially in FMCG where it’s usually harder.

What are your three biggest accomplishments?

• While working for Unilever as the Customer Development

Director in 2013, the Egyptian team managed to win

Unilever Global Compass Award as the best performing

business unit globally. This award is the most prestigious

award Unilever offers and it was awarded to Egypt business

unit in recognition for Egypt's outstanding performance

during Arab spring

• In 2011 (the year of the Arab Spring), while all companies

were cutting down their headcount – or maintaining it at

best – we hired 460 young sales reps as we believed that

this was the right time to invest.

• In 2015, I got promoted as the Customer Development

Vice President, leading Unilever route to market center of

excellence globally – which is a position that no Arab ever

held before.