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How to Make Your Workspace More Cozy

A large portion of our lives are spent at the office and often the office interiors are too sterile and uninspiring. Professional workspaces of the past have fallen into the trap of opting for plain decor in order to increase productivity and eliminate distractions. However, there is no scientific evidence that suggests that this is the best way to go about it! If you want productive and happy employees, then the office needs to be a pleasant space that people are excited to come to. Here are some simple, quick fixes that will liven up your office space and make it more cozy and comfortable:


Whether you have a corner office, a cubicle, or you work from home, putting art on the walls can be immensely beneficial. Research has shown that art work has been proven to boost productivity, lower stress, and increase well-being. I’m not talking about motivational posters here, but real artwork. Art work that you appreciate, either by painters you’re familiar with, something you found online, or a canvas that was a gift to you. Decorating plain walls with pictures you love will enhance your creativity and please the right side of your brain. There are many websites online where you can buy artwork, or if you have kids, you can place their masterpieces on the walls!


A cluttered workspace means a cluttered mind. If you have a messy work station, and find that your stress levels have been high recently, chances are those two things are related! De-cluttering and organizing your space can lead to a more zen like existence, as well as improve work performance. Eliminating messes may leave you feeling less frustrated, more relaxed, and will help you to get in touch with your creative side. As the saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new” an organized workspace is an open invitation for creativity and productivity.


It is incredibly important to make sure you are sitting correctly at your desk. If possible, request an ergonomic chair from HR that will support your lower back. Small adjustments to posture make a world of difference. If you work with a monitor, you can avoid eye strain by making sure the monitor is at a safe distance from your eyes. The screen should be about an arm’s length away to be healthiest for your eyes. Also, make sure the monitor is below eye level so that your neck is in a healthy position. The keyboard should be about elbow height, and the ideal placement for your wrists is sloping slightly downwards rather than upwards. Be sure to sit straight, and take walking breaks at least once an hour to stretch out your legs and increase circulation.


Put a framed picture of loved ones on your desk, to keep you in good spirits. Bring in items from home that you enjoy, that will bring a touch of home life to the office environment. Items like a desk lamp, or a potted plant, are the little things that boost your mood. Do you have a favorite mug? Bring it in and use it for your coffee breaks! It’s important to remain your expressive self, even in the work environment, as human beings are by nature expressive and individualistic.

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