How Creative are you!

We invite you to use this test to determine how creative you are. After completing the questionnaire, complete the key to determine your level of creativity. Respond to each statement below with Strongly Agree (SA), Agree (A), Neutral (N), Disagree (D) or Strongly Disagree (SD).

1. Creativity is a regular part of how I perform my job (or responsibilities).2. I have mastered a set of creativity skills that I use on a regular basis.3. I am receptive to ideas that challenge my way of thinking.4. Time restraints are not a problem for me in being creative in the workplace.5. I regularly take time to learn and implement advanced creativity techniques.6. I am receptive to team creativity, even if rewards are shared equally between all team members.7. I have an in-depth knowledge of the areas of my job that require me to be creative.8. I consistently take my ideas from conception to application.9. I am not limited by my position with respect to implementing creative ideas.10. I am aware of my unique way of being creative and I use it on a regular basis.

For each of the responses to the statements above, follow the instructions below to obtain a numerical score. Number of:

SA Responses _____ X 4.0 = _____A Responses _____ X 3.0 = _____N Responses _____ X 2.0 = _____D Responses _____ X 1.0 = _____SD Responses _____ X 0.0 = _____Total _____ Multiply your total by 2.5 to obtain your total creativity quotient based upon a 100% scale. Total _____ X 2.5 = _____% The average score of individuals taking this assessment is 72%.

Key for scores

90% - 100% Extremely Creative—Creativity is a natural part of your life and you have no problem integrating it into your work life.
80% - 90% Very Creative—You are probably most creative in response to the problems you encounter, rather than it being a skill naturally used in every part of your life.
70% - 79% Creative—You are creative and know how to implement it. However, there are self-imposed limitations (and probably organizational barriers) that prevent you from routinely using it in problem solving and challenging opportunistic situations.
Less than 70% Creatively Challenged—You are probably creative in practice, on occasions.

All scores could benefit from a creativity course, but anyone scoring 90% or below would particularly gain value from the course. Please e-mail or call us with any questions that you have about the self test or the creativity courses.

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