Feng Shui your Desk for Success

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that has the ability to enhance living and working environments according to principles of harmony and energy flow. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your environment — and your relationship with it — are constantly affecting you.

Your business prosperity and work performance can be amplified by de-cluttering and establishing order on your desk. Productive chi (life force energy) cannot flow in a cluttered space. The following tips will help:

Desk placement: Position your desk so that you are facing the entrance to the room, with your back towards the wall. If you can’t turn your desk to face the door, arrange a mirror on your desk or wall so you can see who’s coming. If there are windows in your office room, try to place your desk so the window is to your left if you’re right-handed, and to your right if you’re left-handed. Avoid the center of the room.

Plants:Add a living plant to your space to connect you with the natural, living world outside and improve air quality. Place the plant at least 3 feet from your computer to correct any negative electromagnetic energy that it generates. Make sure to replace dead plants.

Artwork: Brighten up your space with pictures that show landscapes, flowers, and outdoor scenes, or anything that brings positivity to mind. Photos of loved ones are also good. If possible hang a picture of a mountain without water behind you, as this will give strength and stability.

Clear the Clutter: Only keep current projects on your desk. In Feng Shui, clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward, so when you are surrounded by clutter in an office it’s hard to advance your career.

Seating:Sit on the best chair you can find, and be sure to clean it frequently. If your desk chair is ripped or stained, replace it as soon as you can.

Color scheme: If your business relies on selling or making deals, red is a good choice. Yellow promotes discipline and stimulates mental activity and clarity of thought—a solid color scheme for any home office. Warm colors such as orange represent collaboration and cooperation. This is an excellent option for offices with more than one team member. For writing and other creative business endeavors, consider blue-green, which is soothing and promotes creativity.

It is important to incorporate good energy in an area where you sit for more than 8 hours a day and although this can be challenging it is not impossible. For all you new Feng Shui Desk Converts - May the Qi Force be with you.

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