Evolve Yourself

By: Julie-ann Odell

We all have enormous potential to reinvent ourselves and evolve at any time in our lives. With imagination, focus, awareness and determination; limiting beliefs can be changed, new personality traits developed, mental capacities increased and positive emotions fostered. Using your imagination is vital to changing yourself and your world, as nothing in this world was created before existing in someone´s imagination. According to neuroscientists, your brain does not differentiate between what is real and what is imagined, so start your imagination.

Here are some steps to help you kick-start your personal evolution:

1. Be committed.Start by convincing yourself that it is necessary to evolve and be prepared to remind yourself. Let’s face it, if you don’t advance you will eventually get left behind.

2.Positive Self-Talk.

Focus on changing your inner dialogue to turn it into the most positive, encouraging way you can imagine of talking to yourself. Steer clear of thinking negative thoughts, as this will pull you down. When you find yourself going down a negative pathway, be sure to send the thought away and replace it with a positive, empowering one.

3. Personal Project.

Make a list of all areas in yourself that you believe are underdeveloped, dormant or non-existent where you would like positive change to happen. For each area, envision what it would look like, feel like and sound like when you bring that quality into your world. Really bring it to life and imagine living it to the full.

4. Future Perfect Self.

Write down on a paper how the evolved version of yourself would be talked about in a magazine article and how you would be celebrated. Really go into detail and feel how great it would be to be recognized for your personal achievement.

5. Find your Purpose.

Relax and ask yourself this question, “What is my purpose in life?“ for 7 to 10 days every night before you go to sleep. It might seem like a long time to wait, but the answer will appear. Trust me.

6. Art of Forgiveness.

In order to shed old layers and move forward into the future, it is very important to forgive yourself and others. To evolve you must truly forgive, so that you can free yourself of old, negative, heavy baggage.

7. Visioning.

Create your own vision board. Get a stack of magazines and cut out any words, pictures, etc. that relate to the future self you want to evolve into and stick them all onto a board that you can hang somewhere prominently in your home or office. Enjoy your time and have fun during this creative process.

8. Visualizing.

Envision the positive qualities of your future self as 3D words floating above you and tied to your wrist. Imagine them pulling you steadily and firmly towards your desired qualities. Repeat this process daily and allow yourself to go deep into the imagining. Ask yourself how you will feel when you achieve success? What you envision today becomes your future tomorrow, so keep picturing the future self that you most want to become.

9. Pursue self-mastery.

Mastering the self should not be confused with perfectionism. The only perfect thing is to know that you are perfectly imperfect and be at peace with that knowledge. To master oneself requires regular inner journeys and awareness of your thoughts, emotions, reactions, limiting beliefs and conscious choices.

10. Outer World.

Change needs to happen on the outside as well as the inside, so spruce up your closets, bathroom, bedroom, personal wardrobe and your car etc. Everything that you see externally on a daily basis also needs an upgrade.

11. Leave the Past Behind.

The past is a tool for analysis, evaluation and swift learning, and once the lesson has landed, it is time to leave it behind. Stay focused in the present and keep your eye on the future.

12. Make an Action Plan.

Decide what you can do on a daily basis to bring you closer to your desired, new self. Commit to following the action steps and reward yourself along the way for your progress.

13. Alert your Inner Circle.

Your inner circle contains the people that you communicate with the most on a daily or weekly basis. Make sure they understand that the change you desire for yourself is permanent and ask them to do their utmost to assist and encourage you, especially when you need motivation.

14. Evolving Vision Statement.

Write a two to five sentence life-purpose statement that talks about your high dreams in life. Capture the essence of how you want to evolve yourself. An example could be: “My vision is to follow my dreams and empower others to reach their highest potential. I choose to live consciously, authentically and courageously and intend to leave this world a better place as a result of my positive, heartfelt contribution”.


Julie-ann Odell is a certified leadership coach, relationship coach, executive business coach and life coach. She divides her time between her clients in United Arab Emirates and Egypt - mobile+201026740070 / +971506592874 (Whatsapp).

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