Richard Branson: Screw It, let’s Do It

Book review By: Mohamed Tamer

‘Screw It Let’s Do It’, is a light, uplifting, easy to read book that is written in a similar style to an autobiography. It characterizes some of the key lessons that Richard Branson has learned throughout his life, whilst becoming a global icon and a prominent businessman.

Each chapter in the book begins with a key lesson supported by a small number of behaviors by which Branson advises people to achieve success. Branson then goes on to qualify these with various anecdotal stories from his past, drawing particular attention to his personal, family and business life and how each one has influenced the other.

It is full of interesting facts that portray how he lives his life. For example, did you know that ‘Virgin’ was so named because when Richard Branson first started out in business, he and his partner were totally inexperienced in the business world?

Branson writes frankly and honestly in a style that is both engaging and inspiring. He talks about how he started ‘Student’ magazine at the age of sixteen, despite everyone telling him he was too young and inexperienced. How he sold Virgin Records to EMI for half a billion pounds and then regretted it. How he started an airline to rival that of BA and even won a lawsuit against them. How he purchased a tropical island paradise called Necker where he spends a lot of time with friends and family. How he went on to break world records in a hot air balloon and entertain royalty; and these are just some of many!

‘Screw It Let’s Do It’ is a great book that really does showcase Branson’s entrepreneurial spirit and his adventurous, thrill-seeking nature. Throughout the book, all the stories and lessons Branson has learnt demonstrate his positive ‘just do it’ attitude. His personal philosophies appear throughout the book: ‘Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.’ ‘Be glad when you win, don’t have regrets when you lose.’ ‘Never look back you can’t change the past, just try to learn from it.’

Branson’s Key Lessons are:

  • Just do it!

  • Have Fun!

  • Be Bold

  • Challenge Yourself

  • Stand On Your Own Feet

  • Live the Moment

  • Value Family and Friends

  • Have Respect

  • Do some Good

  • Listen, Learn, Laugh, & Lead

Branson diagnoses that a lot of his success is down to self-belief, trusting his gut instinct and the fact that he is an incessant learner. He believes that if you don’t make an effort in life, you won’t reach your goals and emphasizes throughout the book that people should work hard and be determined.

He is someone who authentically walks his talk and he certainly inspired me greatly, as I already find myself remembering his inspirational words. So I am now eager to read all of his other titles. Richard Branson’s books are available at Virgin Megastores in Cairo.

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