Building a Brand and Team

By: Fatima Saleh

A brand is a precious thing. No matter how big or small, it is the essence of a company and it should be treated with care. It needs to be nurtured, fed, and looked after like the living, dynamic entity it is. But in the day-to-day operations of running a business, thinking about the “brand” can easily be back burned.

In many companies this is the constant state:

  • The marketing team is busy pushing content out the door.

  • The sales team is busy closing deals.

  • The accounting team is too focused on making sure everyone’s getting paid.

Even those that do have the knowhow and foresight to care for the brand are pushed to focus on the here and now. But for a brand to grow and thrive, someone must actively take the reins.

Building the Right Brand Team

In many organizations, people assume everyone is looking out for the brand—therefore no one is. Who helps ensure quality and consistency? Who connects brand vision to business strategy? Who promotes and shares brand values across the organization? That’s why a dedicated brand team is crucial. You need someone to put the brand front and centre, to make sure your operations are aligned to your long-term brand goals.

What Does a Brand Team Do?

A brand team is not just focused on fonts and color use. Its job is far more expansive. A strong brand team functions like an internal agency; their work extends to every other department.

They work to bring the brand to life at every level of an organization, whether it’s advising leadership, guiding marketing, collaborating with HR, or demonstrating brand values through everyday interaction. A brand team takes a holistic approach to building a brand but they do it with laser focus. Mostly, they focus on five main duties.

1. Aligning the Business to Brand Goals

Every business decision affects your brand in some way, whether it’s related to your financial situation or reputation. Yet the brand is often an afterthought when major decisions are made by higher-ups, even though leadership should be the most in tune with the brand.

With a brand team, however, you can make more intelligent decisions that support your long-term brand goals. A brand team can help you better define and justify why a business decision will help (or hurt) the brand. They can also offer valuable perspective on how it might be implemented, identify potential challenges you might face, and help craft a plan of execution to make sure everyone is fully on board.

2. Promoting the Brand

In many organizations, a brand team and marketing team are synonymous. But marketing and content strategy are really just tools to execute the larger brand strategy. It’s the brand team that helps shape that strategy, then collaborates with marketing to determine the most effective way to promote the brand.