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Robotics are a clear-cut, assistive technology for humans. They offer our world a wide-range of capabilities ranging from home needed assistance to innovative technological additions to industry. In this issue, we take a look at some useful robotics around the globe:

1. iRobot

iRobot is an American technology firm established by three MIT graduates whose interests are oriented towards robotics. Their vision is to design robots for space exploration, in the meantime they specialize in consumer goods, mainly vacuum cleanliness. The three main robots produced are: Roomba, Braava, and Mirra:


iRobot group created Roomba to specifically have a potent cleaning system with sharp sensors to ensure the quality of cleanliness provided in homes is up to standard. This robot manoeuvers throughout the house, adapting to it structurally, in order to remove all unwanted daily dust.


iRobot’s mopping system. This robot handles stains in areas that seem unreachable. Braava is usually attached to a cleaning pad in order for it to automatically start mopping. Depending on the cleanliness state of the floors, Braava will choose whether wet mopping, damp mopping, or dry sweeping is needed.


Mirra is especially designed for pool cleaning. This robot’s expertise is confined to scrubbing the walls and floors of pools; removing unwanted dirt such as hair and leaves, as well as ensuring a microbe-free environment.

2. Google

Google’s productions and innovations are endless. CEO Larry Page created a new firm called Alphabet back in 2015 focused on robotic productions such as self-driving cars. One of the main robotics subsidiaries affiliated to Alphabet is Boston Dynamics who build unique, sensored-based robots that have extraordinary mobility, flexibility, and speed. BigDog is one of them:


BigDog has four legs representing an animal-like being with specific elements to absorb shock and recycle energy from one move to the next. This robot is similar in size to a large dog with a height of around one meter and weight of 109 Kg. It is mainly used to accompany soldiers through rough terrains whilst carrying heavy loads, up to 154 Kg.

3. Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics is a supplier of prosthetic innovations and other services intended to guarantee the most suitable and appropriate outcomes for people who suffer from upper limb flaws. The different productions they have accomplished have specified to provide solutions to the various upper limb deficiencies humans might encounter. One of the many great productions is i-limb ultra.


Through this invention, the prosthesis moves almost naturally. Certain motorized digits provide the ability to bend at the joints of the associated digit numbers. This technology presents the hand with a compliant grip that precisely follows the physical structure of the item being held.

4. Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is an American institution and one of the primary, global security companies in the world delivering innovative systems, large scale aerospace technology, and robotic productions to governmental and commercial customers. This firm offers an astonishing collection of proficiencies and technologies from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace. One of the most efficient robots for hazardous situations is the Andros:


These robots are proven to be the most reliable when it comes to a need for rapid reaction. It can battle through sharp and rugged fields with a steady performance. This robot can support multiple weapons. Andros is designed to be adaptable to warfare zones and to enhance explosives ordnance disposal.

5. ReThink Robotics

ReThink Robotics are oriented towards producing human-like robots that work harmlessly alongside humans to provide them with assistance needed to complete tasks. They are low-cost labor and one popular robot produced by Rethink Robotics is Baxter:


This two-armed robot is focused on industrial duties such as loading, sorting materials, and handling of supplies. Baxter weighs around 85kg without the base and around 150kg with the base.

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